Where do I juggle?

At TWJC! If you want to juggle, seeking out your nearest juggling club is the one single most important thing for you to do. Your local club will have lots of people there to show you what to do, there will also be equipment that you can use for the night, maybe hire or buy too. If Tunbridge Wells is a bit out of your way check out the Juggling Edge club listings which has the most accurate worldwide club listings on the web.

Don't feel that you have to be able to juggle before you go to a club. We don't have entrance exams. There will always be someone willing to give a complete beginner some instruction.

Most likely though you will learn to juggle at home. Make sure you practise away from sharp or breakable objects. When learning to juggle you will drop. Lots. It is a good idea to juggle over your bed or a low table, this will save you from getting a back injury after continually bending down to pick up your props.