A little bit about these tutorials

Why aren't there any pictures or videos?

I did once intend to supply a load of videoclips, juggling simulator animations & so on alongside these tutorials but have now decided it is not worth it for a few reasons.

First, from a supply & demand point of view, everybody who has a juggling website seems to have videos nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get your .mpg/.mov fix elsewhere. Try juggling.tv for hundreds of juggling related video clips. Very few, however have the equivalent written content. The number of juggling websites that are regularly producing written content that I am aware of is in single figures.

I think videos are good for communicating ideas & to inspire a juggler to try something new but I don't believe they are all that useful as a teaching medium. A video clip will show you what to do, but tell you very little about how to do it. You only get to see a two dimensional view, for a number of seconds usually in a tiny window. I like to write about every relevant & some irrelevant details. There are very few online videos that tell you how to move your fingers, where to look next, where to position your balance etc.

Lastly videos make you lazy. If you are watching a video you watch how something is done rather than thinking about how to do it. If you can read a few words, imagining how the pattern/trick goes together along the way, you are already halfway to learning how it is done. If you can see what you have to do in your mind's eye all you have to do is make your body do it.

So who wrote all this stuff?

Me. My name is Jon Relf, I have been juggling since 1993 & enjoyed every minute of it.

In the course of writing these pages I have become much better with my Overhead juggling thanks to my reclining chair. I have tried to learn a pirouette while seated but if you push with the amount of force needed to spin round fast enough to catch the ball in time you end up scooting off sideways.

In hindsight I should have named my tutorial section: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to Juggling & had the words, "Don't Panic" written in nice safe letters at the top of the page (I know I still could but I'm a sucker for continuity). I have never been hitch hiking in my life.