Mills Triplex

Here's an interesting pattern. It is loosely Mills Mess shaped with all three balls thrown at the same time. It's a simple trick with only two steps, but it takes a while to perfect.


Take all three balls & hold two in one hand & one in the other. Hold your arms out in front of you as if juggling a normal cascade. Throw a Column Multiplex that crosses over to the opposite side of the pattern. At the same time throw the single ball in the other hand so that it passes THROUGH the column multiplex throw. As soon as you have thrown all the balls cross your arms so that the one that held one ball goes over the one that held two. Catch each ball with the same hand that threw it & then stop.

Getting the two balls in the multiplex to split wide enough for the single ball to pass through is all important. If you need to create more space, before making the multiplex throw try holding the two balls further apart in your hand. Or try scooping your hand lower as you make the throw & release the balls from below waist height, so that your forearm actually points downwards at the point of release. This allows you to really flick your wrist to separate the two balls without one going flying over your head. Once you get that right it is just a case of getting the single ball through the gap. Throwing the single ball in front of or behind the multiplex is cheating!

Remember to catch the two balls thrown as a multiplex one at a time, let them fall into your hand one after the other. Don't try to scoop them up together.


The simple step. You should have your arms crossed with two balls in the hand on the bottom & one in the top hand. Now throw all three balls straight up, a column multiplex on one side from the hand holding two & a single throw from the top hand. As the balls peak uncross your arms & catch each ball with the OPPOSITE hand that threw it & then stop. Again catch the two multiplexed balls one at a time; don't scoop them up together.

That's all there is to it: step 1, step 2, step 1, step 2... For best effect try to make the throws as low as possible & try not to pause between each step.

Also try the whole thing backwards.