My absolute most favouritest siteswap ever. In a nutshell you juggle a high cascade & underneath each high throw you make a low vertical throw.

Start off juggling a regular cascade, then make a High Throw. With the same hand catch the next ball & immediately throw it straight up to just under half the height of the high throw. As the low throw peaks make another high throw with the opposite hand before catching the first high throw. Catch the low throw with the same hand that threw it, wait for the second high throw to come down then resume the cascade.

Practise this move leading from both hands so that you get to practise the low throw on both sides. Say to your self through the move, "High-Low, High". Try to make all high throws peak at the same height & make all low throws peak at half that height.

Now juggle a high cascade, which is where every throw is a high throw. Then every now & then catch a ball & make a low vertical toss just like you practised - but don't break out of the high cascade. Work on putting in the odd low throw on each side alternately, then try making a low throw every time you catch a ball on one side. Then on the other. Then put the two together so that you make a low throw with every single ball that you catch.

Very simple, the only thing you need to do is keep the high throws high & the low throws low & you'll be able to run the pattern for as long as you like. Keep your head up & watch where you want the high throws to peak, spot the low throws in your peripheral vision.

Once you can do the basic pattern try the following serving suggestions: