Singapore Shuffle

This is a cool trick invented/discovered by Koah Fong of the Singapore Jugglers. It is mostly based upon the Georgian Shuffle (under arm throw version), other tricks that will be helpful for you to know before learning this trick are Claw catches, Under the arm throws, Chops & Split Multiplex throws. At first this pattern may seem very strenuous but it will become much more comfortable to perform with practise. With this in mind it is a good idea to warm yourself up before practising, stretch your arms, wiggle your wrists & generally get yourself above room temperature.

First of all a few things to know about the pattern.

I find it helps to picture the pattern as having two layers, an upper & a lower. All the throws are made from the lower level & most of the catches are made on the upper level. It also has two sides, left & right (obviously). While you throw on one side you catch on the other (mostly).

Start with all three balls, two in one hand & one in the other. Cross your arms so that the one on the bottom is holding two balls with the palm facing up & the one on top has the palm facing down. Just work your way down the following list one step at a time. It won't take you long to memorise the sequence.

The trick is to blend the uncrossing & recrossing of the arms with the throws & claw catches. Your arms should make the claw catch or under arm throw right at the end of the swing before swinging back the way it came.