A triplex is where you throw all 3 balls from the same hand in one go. Triplexes are commonly used in tricks with 5 or more balls & combinations of 1,2 or all 3 balls are caught in either of the hands. This tutorial covers what is also known as the 3 ball start. All 3 balls are thrown from one hand then each is caught individually.

Place all 3 balls in one hand in a triangle grip. Hold one ball between your little finger & the butt of your thumb, hold the next ball between your thumb & index finger & hold the third between your middle & ring fingers & the other 2 balls.

Start the throw with your arm down at waist level with your wrist bent backwards. Bring your arm up straight & flick your wrist forward so that the top ball of the triangle travels higher than the other two. As you release the balls snap your fingers open so that all 3 balls separate nicely in the air. Aim for the balls to split into a neat triangle, with 4 or 5 inches between each ball. If the balls are too close together your hands will bash into each other as you try to catch them, too far apart & you'll have to stretch wildly to gather everything in. For the same reason don't throw too high either; try to keep everything below head height.

After the throw immediately reach up & Claw the 2 lower balls, one in each hand. This is where it is important to have the balls separate when you throw them. Then start juggling. Simple.

While practising your 3 ball juggling have a go at a 3 ball triplex after every drop & you'll soon have the trick solid. Once you've learnt the basic throw in front of you can spice it up a bit.