Orin's Multiplex

This combines elements of the Shower, Gandini Twiddle & a Split Multiplex throw all into one pattern.

Start with all three balls, two in one hand & one in the other. Hold the hand with two down at waist level, as you would while juggling a normal cascade. Turn the hand holding one ball so that the palm faces downwards, then move this hand so that it is holding the single ball above the hand holding two. Grip the single ball using only your thumb, fore & middle fingers.

Step1. Throw one of the balls from the hand holding two as a normal cascade throw over to the other side, underneath the arm held above it. At the same time start to carry the single ball in an orbit around the thrown ball. Make a tight circle around it with the carried ball before making a 'soft' Claw catch. Circle your right wrist in a clockwise direction or your left wrist anticlockwise. As with all orbit moves, begin the carry early before the ball has even been thrown. Carry over the top of the ball in the air, then down on the other side & underneath as it peaks. After continuing the orbit up the other side just as the ball starts to fall, scoop the orbited ball into your hand from above with your outstretched fingers. Finish holding two balls side by side in the carrying hand with your palm face up.

Step2. Make another cascade throw from the hand that is now only holding one ball (the same one that made the first throw), then as it peaks pass BOTH of the balls underneath into your empty hand. Both hands start side by side with their palms facing up, from here simply 'clap' your hands together then return your hands to the side by side palms up position. Catch the cascade throw in your empty hand.

Step3. Throw a Split Multiplex from the hand holding two balls (obviously) then immediately pass the single ball from hand to hand underneath the split. As the two multiplexed balls peak throw the single ball Over the top before catching the two balls, one in each hand. Finish by catching the over the top ball in the opposite hand to the one that threw it.

After going through those three steps you should finish with two balls in the opposite hand with which you started way back in step 1. Which means you can do all three steps again starting with the opposite hand. Practise the sequence on each side alternately, it will take you a few attempts to memorise the sequence. But there is a natural break after each step so it is easy to stop & take a moment to remind yourself what to do next. Keep practising until you no longer have to think about what comes next & you can blend all the steps together without a pause.

For the full pattern you have to change the bit where you catch the two balls thrown as a split multiplex then wait & catch the last ball.

Catch the two multiplexed balls as usual, while the last ball is still in the air make a cascade throw underneath it from the hand that you just passed the balls from (just as you would when juggling a cascade). At the same time start the carry with your other hand, taking it over & around the ball that you have just thrown. Catch the last ball with your empty hand while your other hand is orbiting. Make the soft claw catch at the end of the orbit & stop. You will find yourself at the END of step 1 (not the beginning). Just go through step 2 & don't stop at the end of 3 to continue the pattern.

When you've got the trick going you'll notice that it feels a lot like the Shower, with four throws made in a row from one side to the other while the other hand catches & feeds balls underneath it all. You can add in a few rounds of the Shower or Spiral to make things more interesting & you can also put in the carrying part of Dave's Dilemma in between steps 1 & 2. For even more fun add in the odd Penguin Catch too.