Column Multiplex

Also known as a stack multiplex. Along with the Split Multiplex the column multiplex throw is one of the most popular multiplexes. Two balls are thrown from the same hand so that both balls remain one above the other in a column in the air, both balls are then usually caught in one hand.

Take two balls in one hand. Hold one ball at the base of your hand between the butt of your thumb & your little & ring fingers. Hold the other ball with the tips of your thumb, middle & index fingers.

Scoop your arm as you would for a normal cascade throw. Flick your wrist up & towards you slightly as you release the two balls. The ball held in your fingertips should rise higher than the one held in the base of your hand. The balls should split apart seven inches or so & rise one above the other in a straight column. If the top ball is only just above or in front of the lower ball then you need to flick your wrist more. If the top ball flies over your head then you don't need to flick so hard.

After making one throw you need to make two separate catches. Catch each ball one at a time both in the same hand, it doesn't matter which one. Hold your hand so that your palm point upwards & your fingers are spread out. The first ball to be caught is obviously the one at the bottom of the stack. Catch this in the same position that it was thrown from, that is in the base of the hand. As soon as it hits your palm catch & hold the ball with the butt of your thumb & your little & ring fingers. Keep your other fingers outstretched ready for the second ball. Let the topmost ball fall on top of the first ball then hold it in place with the tips of your thumb, middle & index fingers. You should finish with the balls in exactly the same position as they started.

Practise column multiplex throws with both hands, don't reach up or try to Claw at the lower ball, just let it drop into your hand. Both balls should just fall into your hand comfortably one after the other. If you find yourself having to quickly snatch at the second ball then you need to adjust your throw so that there is more distance between the two balls. There are two ways you can do this, one is to hold the top ball before throwing it with the thumb & two fingers bent then quickly extend them as you throw to propel the top ball that little bit higher. Or you can scoop your hand lower as you start to throw & release the balls from a point below waist height, so that your forearm actually points downwards at the point of release. This allows you to really flick your wrist to separate the two balls without one going flying over your head.

After throwing a column mulitplex focus your attention on the topmost ball of the stack. You need to catch both balls & have them comfortably in position in your hand before you can accurately throw another column. When you catch a ball during any juggling pattern, it may not be in the exact position you want it to be in before you throw it. During the DWELL TIME (the time a ball spends in the hand between a catch & a throw) you can jiggle the ball about in your palm & shift it to where you want it to be. When catching a multiplex throw you catch the bottom ball first, then the top ball & then you are ready to make another throw. This means that you have twice as much time to jiggle the ball on the bottom of the stack before throwing it than the top ball, so it doesn't matter quite so much how or where you catch it. Focus more of your attention on the top ball because it needs an accurate catch more than the lower ball.

Once you can throw consistent column multiplexes try the Three in one hand multiplex, Mills Triplex or the Six Ball Multiplex Cascade.