Split multiplex

Multiplexing is the catching & throwing of more than one ball in one hand at the same time. Multiplex throws are an easy way to juggle & do tricks with a high number of balls. They can also look very good with just three balls.

A split multiplex is where you throw two balls simultaneously from one hand so that they split horizontally & the two balls are caught, one in each hand.

Hold two balls in one hand, grip one ball between your thumb & forefinger & the other with your ring & little fingers. Your middle finger should rest in the groove between the two balls. Now scoop your arm & throw the pair of balls just as you would if you were only throwing one. As you release the balls push your middle finger up through the gap to make them split apart. Both balls should peak at the same height & fall into one hand each.

Practise throwing split multiplex throws from both hands alternately. Remember to juggle in two dimensions, height & width, not depth. If one of the pair lands further in front or behind the other your multiplex patterns will look messy. If one ball is travelling forward it is likely to be because when the split was thrown the balls weren't quite level in your hand. Also remember to get both balls to peak at the same height.

When you're happy with that, pick up your third ball & hold two in one hand & one in the other. Throw the two balls as a split, then catch one ball in each hand so that you are holding two in the opposite hand with which you started. Then throw another split back again.

This is one of the simplest split multiplex patterns & on it's own is pretty boring but it can be easily spiced up by trying one or more of the following: