Crossed arm tennis

I almost forgot about this one. This trick is basically Burke's Barrage without the wheeling arm carries, so it is very good practise for the pattern.

The first thing you need to know about this pattern is that the throwing order is left, left, right, right, left, left etc. Each hand makes two throws one after the other.

Start with all three balls & hold two in one hand & one in the other. Start the pattern by throwing an Under the arm throw from the hand holding two balls. Then swing the same hand back from underneath the other arm & throw the second ball Over the top. This ball will be thrown back & forth as an over the top throw throughout the pattern, let's call this the Tennis ball. Finally, with the same hand, reach over the other arm & catch the first under the arm throw. With the other hand, throw another under the arm throw as the tennis ball peaks & then swing the arm back. Catch the tennis ball & send it straight back the way it came as another over the top throw, then reach over & catch the second under the arm throw.

That's it. The entire pattern only consists of two different throws, two under the arm & one over the top. You only need to concentrate on one hand at a time; first you scoop under the other arm then back the other way. As you juggle say to yourself, "Under, over, under, over..." Simple.