Reverse chops

Devilstick Pete's favourite pattern. Although this is genuinely the reverse of the normal Chops pattern, the two look completely different.

Start by juggling a Reverse Cascade. Watch one hand. For every ball it catches on the inside, scoops underneath the ball it has just thrown, then makes an Over the top throw. Reverse Chops is basically a Reverse Cascade. The only thing that is changed in the trick is that you replace the outside scoop with a carry.

Carry on juggling a Reverse Cascade. Pick a ball, one a different colour from the rest if possible. Throw it as normal, wait until it peeks then throw another reverse cascade throw with the other hand before reaching up to catch the chosen ball in the centre of the pattern. Continue the upwards motion of the catch, & carry it over the top of the ball the hand has just thrown, to the outside of the pattern. During this carry, the other hand throws another reverse cascade throw. When this ball peaks throw the 'chopped' ball over the top as well. That is one reverse chop. At no point during the carry do the balls alter from a basic Reverse Cascade.

Practise single reverse chops on each side alternately & work up to chopping every single ball. As this is a carrying pattern I will wheel out the obligatory statement: Hold the carried ball using your thumb, fore & middle fingers using only your fingertips so that as much of the ball is showing as possible.

This can be a very fast pattern or relatively slow depending on whether you wait for each ball to fall or whether you reach up & grab them at their peak.