Relf's Revenge 6

There aren't really six versions of Relf's Revenge. The name was part of a running joke between Dave L. & myself about the naming of tricks a few years ago. I used to think that this trick was a bit like Rubenstein's Revenge but without crossing your arms, but closer analysis of the throwing structure shows that this is not the case. What? You want to know about the trick, sorry...

This pattern is a variation on the standard Juggler's Tennis, which is juggling a regular cascade but throwing one ball Over the top every time. Watch the over the top ball as you juggle, most of the work will be done with this ball. If you have a different colour ball to the other two it may help if you jiggle the pattern round with a little bit of a Half Shower until the coloured ball is the one going back & forth over the top.

Straight after making an over the top throw, throw the next ball underneath it as normal then reach up with the same hand & Claw the over the top throw from the side. Carry the clawed ball in an orbit around the next ball. The orbit starts with the sideways movement of the snatch, then carry the ball down on the inside & then underneath, all while the ball is still rising. As the ball being orbited peaks throw the orbiting ball from the outside over the top of the pattern. Carry on the Juggler's Tennis.

Keep practising Juggler's Tennis, putting in single orbits on each side alternately. Now look at the throw of the ball you make the orbit around. In a normal tennis you throw from the side as a crossing cascade throw to the other side. For this step scoop your hand a bit further & throw the ball as an Under the arm throw underneath the orbiting arm after snatching the orbiting ball to the side. Throw the ball from the centre of the pattern to land back in the centre of the pattern.

Orbit around it as normal & throw the orbiting ball over the top, then with the same hand catch the ball thrown under the arm just as it starts to descend, then immediately carry the ball out of the way of the next throw with a 'C' shaped carry. Start the carry at the point where the ball is caught, carry up & out to the side then scoop down & under before throwing the ball up as an under the arm throw on the other side. This carry needs to be made quite fast, just catch the ball, whip it round & throw under the arm.

Work on putting the two carries together. Orbit, then whip. Practise the move on each side alternately, keep practising until you can do the move on each side continuously. When you can snatch & orbit the over the top ball every time you can do the complete pattern.