423 Orbit

This is another siteswap trick with an added carry to make things more interesting. This is very similar to the Double Eight pattern.

Start off by learning the siteswap part first & then add in the carry.

Take all three balls & hold two in one hand & one in the other. Start juggling Two in one hand in a columns pattern, so that you have each ball being thrown & caught in two columns one on the inside & one on the outside. Juggle for a bit then throw the inside ball as a cascade throw over to the other hand. When the cascade throw peaks throw the third ball straight up on the outside & go into two in one hand columns on the other side. Juggle two in the other hand for a bit then make another cascade throw of the inside ball back to the starting hand.

Practise switching from hand to hand in this way. Reduce the number of throws you make before switching the two in one hand juggle to the other side. Count the number of times you throw the outside ball of each two in one hand juggle, start by throwing it three times then make the next throw of the inside ball a cascade throw to the other side. Then go down to two & then finally one. When you get this far the centre ball is thrown back & forth between the two hands.

That is the pattern 423, the fours are the two in one hand throws, the three is the cascade throw & the two is the hold done by one hand while the other is doing the juggling.

Continue juggling 423, notice that one hand is doing all the throwing while the other just holds the third ball. Instead of holding the third ball still, carry it in an orbit around the centre ball.

Begin the carry before you've even thrown the first ball. As soon as you start to scoop your hand to make the cascade throw carry the other ball up in an arc over where the cascade throw will go. As the cascade ball leaves your hand carry the ball down & as the ball in the air peaks continue the carry underneath & to the outside & then make the two in one hand throw up on the outside as normal. Catch the cascade ball, wait until the outside ball peaks then throw it back again. Practise carrying with each hand alternately. Work up to carrying around EVERY throw of the inside ball.

At first your carries will seem very rushed & out of control. The secret to this trick is to start the orbit very early, begin the carry before you've even thrown the cascade ball, it will suddenly click & you will be surprised at how much time there is to make the carry. This trick is very good practise for Harrison's Hang.