Carry to the opposite elbow

Yep, almost a complete description in the title. This trick is very similar to the symmetrical variation of The Slice. This one is slightly faster as the pattern is just a shape distortion of the cascade. One ball is carried rather than thrown to the other side.

Take all three balls & juggle a cascade. Pick a ball, when it comes round to be caught reach up & snatch it out of the air at its peak with a sideways Claw catch. Continue the sideways movement into a carry that curves over the pattern to the other side. While you carry the ball throw the next ball in the pattern Under the arm. Finish the carry holding the ball above the opposite elbow with the palm facing down. When the ball you threw under the arm peaks throw the carried ball straight up to peak at the same height as all the other throws & resume the cascade.

Now do the same with the other arm. Keep practising the move on each side alternately.

When you can do that consistently go for the full pattern which is simply swiping & carrying the same ball every time you throw it. So after you've carried it over the arm & thrown it straight up, swipe it again with the other hand & so on. Simple.

After learning this trick have a go at Catch & carry over the top which is a backwards version of this pattern.