Siteswaps make really boring titles.

This is a favourite siteswap of mine which feels a little bit like 441 under a High Throw.

Start with all three balls, two in one hand & one in the other. Begin with a low rolling out Two in one hand juggle with the hand with two balls (obviously). When one ball peaks make a crossing High Throw from the opposite hand. It should peak about a foot above your head so that you have enough time to catch & throw the two in one hand throw before it needs to be caught.

As soon as you have made the high throw you are going to start transferring the two in one hand juggle into the other hand by making horizontal passes & NOT cascade throws.

Begin again with two in one hand, make the high throw & say to yourself as you juggle, "pass, throw, pass, throw" the passes are both made from the starting hand & the throws, which are rolling out two in one hand throws, are made with the hand that makes the high throw. Then catch the high ball with the hand you started with & continue juggling two in the other.

Both pairs of 'pass, throw's should be made before you catch the high throw, if not you need to throw the high throw higher or the two in one hand throws lower. At first you'll probably make all throws to the same height. The two in one hand throws need only be made to eye level. Fix your gaze at a point between the peak of the high throw & the peak of the two in one hand throws, don't look down at the passes.

Practise starting with two in either hand until you can switch from side to side smoothly.

For the continuous pattern you need to throw the high throw back again after the last throw of, "pass, throw, pass, throw." Remember that the high throw is always made with the same ball each time. It is easy to fall out of the pattern by throwing when you should be passing, the whole sequence you need to say in your head or out loud is, "throw, high, pass, throw, pass, throw, high, pass, throw, pass, throw..."

The good thing about vanilla siteswaps like 45141, 531 & 441 is that only one throw is being made at any one time, which makes it easy to count out.