Another trick named after its Siteswap code. For an explanation of how those numbers can be read as a juggling pattern take a look at the Siteswap tutorial when I write it. For now though, here's a text description.

531 is basically a cascade, the throwing rhythm is the same old, "left, right, left, right, left, right..." & every throw crosses over & is caught by the opposite hand that threw it. But the last throw is caught before the first throw. Hmm.

Take two balls & hold them in one hand. Throw the first ball as a High Throw about a foot above your head to the other hand. Click the fingers of your empty hand. Pass the second ball directly into it. Catch the high throw so that you are holding two balls in the opposite hand that you started with. As with most tricks involving low passes, look up at the high balls & not down at your hands. Practise starting from either hand.

Now take all three balls & hold two in one hand & one in the other. Start as in the two ball exercise with a high throw, then instead of clicking your fingers, make a low cascade throw to the starting hand. Then immediately pass the last ball from the starting hand & catch the low cascade throw. Catch the first ball in the opposite hand & do the same starting from the opposite side.

To juggle the continuous the pattern, catch the horizontal pass throw it straight back as the high throw. Remember you always throw in the sequence, left, right, left, right... As you juggle say to yourself, "high, low, pass, high, low, pass..."

If you are using three different coloured balls you should be able to notice that the low cascade throw is the same ball each time & that one ball is always thrown high from the left & passed with the right & the other is thrown high from the right & passed with the left.