441 (Parallel Schizophrenia)

Another trick that has many names. The most common is 441, which is the trick's siteswap code. The name Parallel Schizophrenia is in reference to the pattern's box like nature as all throws are either parallel or perpendicular to each other. This trick is also sometimes called Paranoid Schizophrenia, it has been suggested that the reason why is to sum up some people's great dislike of siteswap notation! I think the second name sounds much better though. This trick combines The Box & Two in One Hand & is very good practise for four ball juggling.

Take all three balls & juggle two in one hand, throwing to head height, whilst holding the other.

As one ball peaks throw the ball in the opposite hand straight up to the same height as the two in one hand juggle. With two balls in the air pass the third from the hand juggling two straight into the opposite hand then catch the descending ball. Throw the passed ball straight up & continue juggling two in the other hand.

Practise this both ways so that you can juggle in the left, swap, juggle in the right...

For the full trick simply change sides on every third beat. As you juggle count to yourself, "up, up, across, up, up, across, up, up, across..." Or if you want people to think you know siteswap, "4, 4, 1, 4, 4, 1, 4, 4, 1..." Where the fours are the vertical two in one hand throws & the one is the horizontal pass.

441 can be learnt with either the rolling in or rolling out style of Two in One Hand. Try Penguin catching or Over the Shoulder throwing the vertical throws. Also have a go at passing the horizontal ball under the leg or Behind the back.