Three ball fork exchange

The natural progression from the Two ball Fork Exchange. It's still a stop-start trick like The Twist & The Toss Up & it still features the Fork/Palm Stack position. But in this trick all three balls are thrown simultaneously & are caught in different positions & everything stays on one side.

Try to learn this trick with three different coloured balls if you can, it will be easier to keep track of what is going on.

Take all three balls & juggle a cascade, stop on one side with two balls in a Fork/Palm Stack Carry the third ball & hold it palm down above the stack.

Hold this position for a moment to work out where everything is going to go. There are a few things you need to get straight in your mind.

Now that you know what you've got to do here's how to do it. One repetition of the trick takes a fraction of a second so you've got to do everything almost all at once, there are three distinct parts to the trick though: the Throws, the Claws & the Fork.

The Throws

The hand holding the stack is going to turn 90 degrees to the outside (clockwise with the right, anti clockwise with the left) with an upward lift of the arm, exactly like The Twist. The middle ball held in the Fork will rise & fall to the outside of the pattern, the bottom ball which was held in the palm will peak on the inside.

At exactly the same time the other hand is going to flick the wrist back to throw the top ball up to about eye level.

That's it, all three balls are up in the air & your hands are empty. You should have one ball at eye level & two balls next to each other at elbow height, after that...

The Claws

Simultaneously Claw catch the lower two balls, one in each hand then...

The Fork

Catch the remaining ball in a Fork in the same hand that started with the Fork/Palm Stack. Carry the single ball in the other hand & hold it above the stack so that you end in the same position as you started.

Now repeat & learn it on the other side too. Several exchanges performed in rapid succession look good, as does alternate exchanges & Toss Ups which creates a nice balanced pattern.