Two Ball Fork Exchange

Another in a series of Fork tricks that involve the Fork/Palm Stack. Whereas The Twist, The Toss up & The Three Ball Fork Exchange all use both hands this trick only uses one.

Hold two balls in one hand in a Fork/Palm Stack. All you are going to do is swap the two balls over, so the ball held in the palm ends up in the fork & the ball in the fork ends up in the palm. Simple.

There are two ways you can do this trick. Twist or Flick.


Hold your hand out in front of you so that your fingers face forwards. In one movement lift the balls straight up & turn your hand over to the outside (clockwise with the right, anti clockwise with the left) 90 degrees, remember to let go of the ball in your palm. Aim for both balls to rise together in two columns next to each other. Claw the outside ball at its peak & quickly pull your hand back & down in time to catch the other ball in a fork.

For a bonus point, after you have clawed the outside ball carry it over the top & inside of the inside ball before catching it in a fork. You'll need to be very quick with your hand.


Again hold your hand in front of you with your fingers pointing forward. This time though lift & flick your wrist back so that both balls rise up one above the other, the ball from the palm will rise slightly in front of the ball from the fork. Quickly claw the higher ball & snatch it right down to fork catch the palm ball.

When doing this version start with your hand held out far enough so that you have enough space to pull your arm out after the throw, dart your hand in to claw catch the top ball & then out & in once more to make the fork catch.