The Toss Up

This is another trick involving Fork Catches & the Fork/Palm Stack which is very similar to The Twist. All three balls are held then two are thrown simultaneously & caught in different positions.

Juggle a Cascade & stop with two balls in a Fork/Palm Stack. Move the hand holding only one ball over the stack with the palm facing down so that all the balls are in a single column. For this trick you will only throw the top two balls of the three ball column at a time.

In one movement lift both hands up. The hand on the bottom needs to throw the ball held in the fork straight upwards but keep hold of the ball in the palm. The hand held over the stack also throws straight up then flicks back down to immediately Claw Catch the ball thrown from the other hand before catching the ball that was on the top in a fork.

This transfers the fork/palm stack from one hand to the other. To continue take the bottom hand & carry the ball it is holding from the bottom to the top of the stack & repeat on the other side.