Relf's Factory

This is an amazing trick discovered by one of the greatest three ball jugglers of all time...(snip)

This trick involves adding orbits to the standard Factory.

What's an orbit?

An orbit is a fast circular carry around another ball. Like the moon orbits the Earth. Hold a ball with the fingertips & with your palm facing down. Circle the ball using your wrist only, bend your wrist as far as you can in all directions to make the circle as large as possible. Circle your hand fast & smoothly, don't jar your wrists. Make sure that you bend your wrist from side to side to actually make a circle, some people tend to flap their wrist up & down which doesn't look very good. Practice with both hands & in both directions. In this particular trick you will use clockwise orbits with your left hand & anticlockwise orbits with your right.

Start off with two balls, one in each hand held at waist height. Throw one ball straight up as if you were juggling an inside Two in one hand pattern. With your other hand hold the ball with your fingertips & orbit around the thrown ball. Your left hand will orbit in a clockwise direction, the right hand will orbit in an anticlockwise direction. Start the orbit early (this is true for all orbit tricks) start the carry the moment you release the ball. You should have orbited over & back under the thrown ball before it peaks. Continue the orbit as the thrown ball starts to fall. Finish the carry with your hand held at forehead height directly above the opposite hand & with your palm facing away from you (this is the dropping position) as you catch the thrown ball.

Bring your hand back down & practise the orbit on the other side.

Pick up the third ball & juggle an inside two in one hand pattern. As you throw a ball, make an orbit with the held ball exactly as you did in the two ball exercise. Remember to throw the third ball as you make the orbit. Finish the orbit & catch the ball that you just made the carry around before the third ball peaks. Drop the orbit ball & snatch the third ball as it reaches its peak. Resume juggling two in one hand with the dropped ball & the ball you orbited around. Practise this move on both sides.

For the full Relf's Factory, you need to make an orbit drop on both sides alternately every third beat. If you are using three different coloured balls one colour will always be the 'orbit' ball (the one which you carry & drop). Juggle two in one hand & make an orbit drop, as you snatch the ball bring it down & scoop it underneath the ball in the air & throw it up as an inside two in one hand throw (to switch sides), with your other hand which is holding the orbit ball, immediately make an orbit around this ball. Count as you juggle this pattern, "1, 2, drop-snatch, 1, 2, drop-snatch..." where the 1 & 2 are two in one hand throws.

Follow the orbit ball around the pattern, just remember to always orbit around the snatched ball. Keep your dropping hand up & out of the way of your eyes. Don't drop a ball until your hand has stopped moving so that it falls straight down & not to the side.