This is an entirely new continuous pattern & bears no resemblance to the cascade at all. Which is exactly why you should learn it. It is also known as The Robot, The Machine & Droppings.

This pattern is based on Columns, particularly the Dummy Elevator variation (briefly explained at the end of the Yo-yo tutorial). If you can do these tricks you're already halfway there.

Start off with all three balls, two in one hand & one in the other. Start juggling Two in one hand columns style, which is where both balls are thrown up & down in two separate columns & don't swap sides. At this point think about the two columns, in this tutorial I'm going to call the column closest to the centre of your body the inside column & the one furthest from the centre the outside column. Hold the third ball at waist height using two fingers & thumb with the palm facing down. As you throw the outside ball carry the ball held in your other hand so that it mirrors the flight of the outside ball on the opposite side of the pattern. Carry it straight up & stop at the same height & at the same time as the thrown ball reaches its peak. As the outside ball starts to fall, simultaneously throw the other ball in your juggling hand up in the inside column as normal & carry the ball in the carrying hand horizontally to the top of the outside column. Time your carry so that you reach the point where the outside ball peaked at the same time that you catch the thrown ball.

When the inside ball peaks you need to do three different things pretty much all at the same time.

Continue juggling two in one hand. That is one drop.

A few tips

The move happens very quickly, as you do the trick say to yourself, "throw, throw, throw, drop-throw-snatch, throw, throw...". Don't watch the dropped ball, you should be able to catch it by placing your catching hand directly below the point where it was dropped from by feel alone. Make your throws & carry the ball vertically to the height of the top of your head so that your forearm doesn't get in the way of your eyes, you should be able to juggle & watch everything underneath your arm. When you make the horizontal carry stop completely before you drop the ball otherwise the momentum of the carry will throw the ball to the side rather than drop it straight down.

There are several different ways of turning a Drop into the full pattern. Practice the move on both sides, build up to performing a drop every third beat. The motion of your carrying hand will be, "lift, carry-drop, snatch, lift, carry-drop, snatch..." The balls should move through the pattern in this order: outside ball, inside ball, carried/dropped ball.

Practice dropping on every second beat, in this pattern your dropping hand is held above your head all the time. The centre ball remains in the same place & the other two balls move around it in an outside circle. As you catch a dropped ball scoop it underneath & throw it up on the inside of the centre ball. Your other hand makes the next drop & snatches the throw as it peaks. Your dropping hand moves back & forth over the top of the pattern snatching & dropping alternately.

When you can do both of the above on both sides practice dropping on alternate sides. Pick one ball to be your 'dropping ball', it will help if it is a different colour to the rest. Juggle two in one hand columns in one hand while holding the dropping ball in the other. As you throw the outside ball carry the dropping ball up with it & perform a standard drop, snatch the inside ball & carry it down to waist height in one movement. Turn your carrying hand over so that it faces up & throw the ball straight up on the outside; this hand will also catch the inside ball. As you make the throw, lift the dropping ball with your other hand (the one that you started juggling two in one hand with) & perform a standard drop on the other side. Then repeat the process. Keep your eye on the dropping ball throughout the pattern & say to yourself, "lift, carry, drop, catch, lift, carry, drop, catch".

You can also speed the pattern up further by dropping from alternate sides on every second beat. You still only drop one ball, but as soon as you catch it make a carry that curves over the inside ball directly to the dropping position (as opposed to the two part lift & carry). Drop (remember to carry the dropped ball immediately when you catch it) & then snatch the inside ball as it peaks, continue the snatch down, scoop & throw the ball underneath the inside ball to peak on the other side (this throw would be an Under arm throw except that your other arm is up in the air ready to make a drop). As it peaks, drop & snatch on the other side & continue.

Practise, practise, practise...

Once you can do this trick you simply must learn Relf's Factory & Crossed arm factory.