Yo-yo (& oy-oy)

A fun trick where one ball is carried to copy the movement of another ball as it is juggled. The effect is of two balls attached by an invisible string. So it really is nothing like a Yo-Yo, but the trick sometimes goes by the more accurate name of: The String. This is an easy one to learn but it is quite hard to do well.

To do this trick you need to be able to juggle Two in one hand in a columns pattern, that is both balls rising & falling in two separate columns. Practise juggling two in one hand columns as low as you possibly can while remaining in control.

While you juggle two in one hand focus entirely on the ball that is on the inside (the left hand ball if you are using your right hand or the right hand ball if you are using your left) but don't drop the other one. Watch the way it rises & falls, see how it slows down as it peaks, seems to stop momentarily & then accelerates back down into your hand.

Take one ball in each hand. If you were juggling two in your left hand, hold the ball in your right hand between your thumb, fore & middle fingers using only your fingertips so that as much of the ball is showing as possible. Now hold that ball about three or four inches above the ball in your left hand. You will use your right hand to carry the ball so that it mimics the flight of the one in the left as precisely as possible. Remember to slow as the thrown ball starts to peak, pauses for a moment in mid air & then accelerates back down. Practise throwing the ball in your left hand straight up towards your right hand & move the other ball to match its path.

As I said at the start, this is an easy trick to do, but a hard trick to do well. It will take a lot of practise to get the mimicry just right. If you can record yourself juggling this trick & watch it back to get a better idea of what it looks like. It may help to focus on the gap between the two balls, just keep the distance between them the same at all times.

Now pick up the third ball, juggle two in one hand & fit the carry on to the top.

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