In columns (also called one up two up) all three balls are thrown vertically, first one ball is thrown up then the other two are thrown up together. You'll need to be able to juggle Two in one hand to do this trick.

When throwing a ball straight up there is no scoop, the hand only moves up & down. If it moved from side to side as well so would the ball. Practise vertical throws with one ball & with either hand, throwing to just above head height each time. Now pick up two balls & throw them both at the same time so they both peak at the same height & remain an equal distance apart all the time that they are in the air.

Most people tend to throw the balls inwards at first because they are used to throwing to the opposite side. Just concentrate on the up & down movement of your hands; also stick your elbows out a little to allow them to pass your body without rubbing your sides. You may find that throws from your weak hand are lower than from your dominant hand. Just use more arm motion to throw to the same height. Try to get each pair of throws as synchronised as possible, both balls should peak at exactly the same time. I practised by throwing the two balls so that they hit my ceiling, if I heard one thud, that was good, if I heard two, that was bad. This is not recommended if people are trying to sleep or if you live in an apartment building.

When you're comfortable with that exercise, pick up the third ball & juggle a cascade. Make one throw straight up through the centre, wait until it peaks, then throw the other two balls together on either side of the ball. Catch the centre ball (only one hand is necessary) & throw it up again as the other two peak. Catch the pair & resume juggling. That is one round of columns. Try one round, then two rounds, then three & so on. None of the balls should change places, each remains in its own column.

Learn to throw the centre ball using both hands & swap the middle ball from hand to hand during the pattern (the audience probably won't notice but it is good practice).

Moving the centre ball

A whole range of variations can be made by moving the centre ball in different ways: