Body Bounces

This is a nice easy one, throw up a ball & knock it back into a cascade off of a part of your body. Great force is unnecessary, usually only a tap is all you need. Footballers will have no problem using their feet & knees, but you can also use your elbows, the back of your hand & your head. Combinations of different bounces & several bounces made without making a catch with your hands are very effective.

The juggling part is easy enough, just throw the ball to whichever part of your body you are going to knock it up with. Then after you've kicked or whatever you do to it just treat it as if you had thrown the ball with your hand. Wait until the ball peaks then resume juggling. The only tricky part is knocking the ball accurately. Practise the body bounce separately with one ball, the moment you can do it with one ball you can do it with three. Here are some tips for the most common bounces:


You can kick the ball in many ways:


Knock the ball with the thigh just above the knee. It has a flat surface & will give a much more predictable bounce. If the ball hits the knee it may bounce off at an odd angle. If you are using solid balls you may damage yourself too. It is very easy to knock a ball from knee to knee without using your hands which looks very good.

For many more foot & knee tricks take a look at who have lots of ideas & some very impressive videos.


There are two parts of your elbow you can use, the outside or the underside. Outside first. Put your arm out to the side with your hand open & palm down. Keeping your hand palm down bend your elbow as far as it will go. This creates a wide & flat surface (flat surfaces are much more predictable) to bounce the ball off of by flapping your arm. Bounce a ball back & forth over your head to look like a bird that hasn't quite learnt to fly!

Point your arm out in front of you, bend your elbow back & touch your shoulder. The underside of your elbow is the knobbly bit at the end. It is very bony so bouncy balls may go further than expected.

Back of the hand

Grip the other ball between your thumb & the palm with your hand palm downwards. The other four fingers should be outstretched & will provide a nice springy platform to flick a ball off of.

Elbow & hand bounces are easiest to catch with the non bouncing arm. A nice combination is to juggle two in one hand then perform an outside elbow bounce, back of the hand bounce & then an underside elbow bounce, all in one fluid arm movement & without missing a beat.


Be careful if you are using solid balls. Only use your forehead for head bounces because the skull is at its thickest at this point. It is very thin & fragile on the very top of the head & even more so at the side by the temples. Any knock in the wrong place can cause serious damage.

Don't throw too high, look up, pull your neck in & use your body to bounce the ball up & away.