Foot Lift

The foot lift is a very simple way of picking up a dropped prop from the floor (or to return to a pattern from a Foot catch). Because the ball/club remains in contact with at least one part of your body throughout the entire trick this move is very easy to do completely blind, making it an ideal trick to use to go up to a higher number of props.

This trick is much easier to learn while wearing soft canvas shoes or ideally barefoot. Leather shoes tend to be a bit too slippy for this trick especially if you're lifting up a juggling club.

If you are lifting up a club the most important part of the trick is getting it placed on your foot correctly. Have the handle pointing outwards so that it is easy to grab when you lift. Make sure it is balanced nicely on your foot, if not it will just slide off as soon as you begin to lift (for most clubs the balance point is just above the central waist band).

With the ball/club in place flex all of your toes up as far as you can to create a groove for the ball/club to rest in. Lean all of your weight onto your back foot BEFORE lifting the ball off the ground, otherwise you will more than likely shake the ball/club off of your foot as you shift your weight. Aim to lift in a straight vertical line, keep any horizontal movement to an absolute minimum. Lift the ball/club all the way up into your hand - don't lean forward or reach down to grab the prop.

Have you really just read a page describing how to lift something off the floor with your foot?! Don't feel bad - I just wrote a page describing how to lift something off the floor with your foot.