A flourish is a fancy move used in club juggling & swinging which gives the impression of a club spinning on the end of your arm. It can also be useful for correcting wrong end catches.

Take one club & hold it by the knob at the end of the handle so that it hangs in the air with the body of the club facing straight down. With your other hand curl up your little, ring & middle fingers into a fist then using your thumb & index finger grab the club by the waist, which is right in the middle around where the handle meets the body. Extend your middle finger slightly so that it supports the club from underneath. You should end up holding the club between your thumb, index & middle fingers a bit like you would hold a pen.

Stretch your arm out in front of you & point the body of the club forwards. Then:

You end holding the club as normal apart form the fact that your index finger is on the top of the club as well as your thumb.

Practise going through all the steps on the list, start off slowly & work on making the motion as smooth as possible. With practise you can go through the steps faster & faster, then instead of pushing with your thumb & fingers the club will turn under its own momentum & all you have to do is move your fingers to make it spin in the right direction. While learning keep your arm as straight as possible to avoid flapping your elbow about.

To flourish a club in a running pattern you will need to catch it in the starting position using only your thumb, fore & middle fingers, make the next throw from the other hand a double then flourish away.