Trapeze Rip Off

Rip offs are a family of diabolo tricks where the string is wrapped around the diabolo in a special way so that when the diabolo is thrown or swung it seemingly breaks free of the web of string & rises into the air.

Start spinning the diabolo, then make a lowish Throw straight up in the air. While the diabolo is in the air transfer your subordinate handstick into your dominant hand. Still with the diabolo in the air run the diabolo string through the fingers of your subordinate hand until you come to the end of the loop. Hold the end of the loop with one finger of your subordinate hand & hold the two handsticks flat against each other in your dominant hand so that the two sides of the loop of string are held tightly apart between your two hands. As the diabolo falls catch the diabolo on the string so that both sides of the loop run under the axle. With the diabolo sitting comfortably on the string bring the loop held in your subordinate hand & the two handsticks together. Insert both handsticks into the loop, use the other fingers on your subordinate hand to make the loop wider for an easier fit. Let go of the loop so that your dominant hand is left holding both sticks with the diabolo hanging in a trapeze underneath them.

Now step around to your dominant side so that you are looking down between the two diabolo cups. Throw the diabolo up & away from you so that the diabolo pulls the loop of string off the end of the two handsticks. Pass one stick back to your subordinate hand, catch the diabolo & resume.

Or instead of passing one handstick back, insert your index finger between the sticks to form a 'V' shape then snag the diabolo with a Whip Catch.