Stopover Rip Off

In diaboloing a 'rip off' is a trick where the diabolo is wrapped up in string in such a way so that when the diabolo is thrown or swung it breaks free of the string & rises into the air. When done well the audience will think that somehow the diabolo actually breaks through the string.

Get the diabolo spinning then perform an Unwrap & recapture (doesn't matter which side) then bring your hands back to the starting position so that the string is crossed over once & not your arms. Now swing the diabolo towards the same side which you just performed the unwrap & recapture on & perform an Sun with a stopover. After catching the diabolo on the string bring your two handsticks together so that the diabolo is hanging in two loops of string. Swing the diabolo underneath the same handstick that you performed the stopover on as if to do an Sun. As the diabolo passes up past your hands, pull down & back on both handsticks so that the loop of string wrapped over the stick slips off of the end. The string will disentangle itself & the diabolo will rise free up into the air. Catch the diabolo & resume.

For best effect don't pause between the stopover & the final swing. As soon as the diabolo is caught on the string after swinging over the handstick bring your hands together & continue the circular motion into the next swing.