Basic Rip Off

A 'rip off' is any diabolo trick where the string is wrapped around the axle in some way so that when the diabolo is thrown or swung it seemingly breaks through the string & rises into the air.

Spin the diabolo & point the tip of your subordinate stick upwards slightly. Cross your dominant arm over the top of your subordinate one so that the string attached to your dominant handstick passes in front of the tip of your subordinate stick. Pull your dominant hand back over your subordinate hand so that the string catches on & loops over the subordinate handstick. Now carry the dominant handstick underneath the diabolo, looping the string underneath the axle along the way. Finish the weaving part of the trick by bringing the tips of your handsticks together.

While still keeping the tips of your handsticks together swing the diabolo in a circle out as if doing a mini Sun. As the diabolo rises past your hands pull both handsticks down & backwards so that the loop of string running over your subordinate handstick slips off of the end. The diabolo will rise freely into the air, catch & resume diaboloing.

This trick is very good for setting up a Whip Catch. After the weaving part where you bring your handsticks together, transfer your subordinate stick into your dominant hand. Throw the diabolo off in the same way then take a Swipe at it.