Stirring the pot

I class this as a cradle trick because it involves weaving but it differs from the likes of Cats Cradle & Tigers Cradle in that after the weaving the diabolo has to move to make the trick work. This trick requires quite a long string.

Spin the diabolo & add some more spin with a bit of Chinese Whipping. Point your subordinate handstick straight up in the air so that it is parallel with the string. Grab the part of the string that passes close to your fingers using your subordinate hand & hold it flat against the length of the same handstick. Turn the subordinate handstick in 90° so that it is parallel to the ground & your chest & pointing to your dominant side.

While keeping the dominant handstick's tip pointing forwards, carry the tip in front of the subordinate handstick, then pull back so that the string catches on the subordinate stick somewhere close to the tip. Angle the subordinate handstick up a little to prevent the string from slipping off of the end. The string should form a triangle, one corner near the tip of the subordinate stick, another at your subordinate hand's little finger & the third held in place by the weight of the spinning diabolo. Bring the dominant handstick all the way back then push it through the triangle from the back to the front. Keep pushing the stick through until there is enough space for the diabolo to jump between the dominant handstick & the length of string running from the dominant tip to the subordinate stick.

If you are using a short string you may have to move your dominant hand to hold the handstick nearer the end of the handle to be able to do the next bit. To 'stir' you need to rotate the dominant handstick around the diabolo in the opposite direction to that which the diabolo is spinning. So if the diabolo is spinning in a clockwise direction your handstick needs to go around anticlockwise. Push the dominant stick into the string to make the diabolo hop up slightly, while it is in the air quickly pull the stick underneath making sure that the diabolo passes between the stick & the length of string attached to the tip otherwise you will just get in a tangle. Take the dominant handstick back over the top of the diabolo to go around again. Keep going until bored/you run out of spin.

To exit, pull the dominant handstick out the back then let go of the string held in your subordinate hand.