Tigers Cradle

My favourite cradle trick. This one is an extension of the basic Cats Cradle, the shape is the same but in the tigers cradle you weave two crosses instead of one.

This move is definitely one for you to practise without the diabolo first. Hold one handstick in each hand as normal with the string hanging in a loop. Point both handsticks straight up so that the string hangs down against the length of your sticks & rests against your knuckles. Without letting go of the stick reach forward with your middle & index fingers of one hand & pinch the string between your fingertips. Hold the string as far away from the stick as you can while still keeping a good grip on it. Pull the string tight so that the handstick, your fingers & the string form a triangle. Do the same on the other side. You should now be holding both handsticks pointing them straight up with your index & middle fingers pointing forward & holding the string to form a triangle against each stick.

Now thread the tip of the left handstick through the right handstick's triangle, from left to right. Once the tip is through use the left handstick to pull the string of the triangle away from the right handstick. Let the string slip through your right hand's fingers, but be sure to keep hold of it. Keep pulling until the left handstick is pointing upright again. Now do the same on the other side. Thread the tip of the right handstick through the left triangle, use the right handstick to pull the string tight, while still keeping hold of the string between your fingers pull both handsticks apart until all of the string is tight. You should be looking at two crosses, one above the other & an underlining length of string running between your two hands.

Now do the same again but this time grab the string with both hands at the same time, start weaving the moment you have got a good grip & pull the two sticks apart as soon as you've got both tips of your handsticks through the opposite triangle. Practise weaving the cradle again & again until you can do it cleanly & quickly with your eyes closed.

Once you have learned exactly how to weave the cradle try it with a spinning diabolo. Get the diabolo spinning as fast as you can with a bit of Chinese Whipping then weave the cradle. Once you've gone through all the steps tug the sticks apart to throw the diabolo from the bottom string & catch it on the top of the top cross. While the diabolo is in the air pull & hold the sticks apart as tightly as possible. If you don't the force of the diabolo landing on the top cross will pull the loops of string wrapped around the handsticks down which will deform the cradle's shape.

To exit first let go of the string held between your fingers (this puts you into the Cats Cradle) then turn your handsticks in towards each other to tip the loops of string off of the ends.