Crossed Arm Cats Cradle

This variation of the standard Cats Cradle sees you weave the string into the cats cradle shape but finish holding the sticks with your arms crossed over.

As with most cradle tricks it is a good idea to practise this move without the diabolo spinning to get the feel of what to do first.

Start holding the sticks together as normal, then pull your subordinate handstick back a little then carry it over the top of the dominant hand so that the string catches on the handstick, point the dominant handstick upwards so that the loop won't slip off of the end.

With your arms crossed point your subordinate handstick back towards your other hand & thread the tip of the stick between your dominant arm & the string. Push the tip through as far as you can until the backs of your hands touch each other. Now straighten up the subordinate handstick so that the tip catches hold of the length of string running down from the end of the dominant handstick.

Now gently pull the handsticks apart by crossing your arms as far as you can until the string tightens up. You should see the cats cradle shape, which is an underlined cross. To finish the cradle quickly snatch the sticks apart to throw the diabolo from the bottom string up in front of the cross on to the top of the pattern. Cushion the diabolo's fall so that the diabolo doesn't bounce around awkwardly when it lands on the string.

To exit the cradle tip the string into the centre then do a cross armed throw or you may find it easier to throw the diabolo off the top first then uncross your arms (slipping the string off the ends at the same time) before catching it again.