Wound Cradle

This is another 'cradle' trick where you create a web around the diabolo. This is one of the easiest cradles to make.

Spin the diabolo then turn both handsticks to point in towards each other, point the tip of the subordinate handstick upwards slightly. Bring your dominant handstick in behind your other hand so that the tip is level with the opposite hand. Carry your dominant over the top of the subordinate stick so that the string loops over the handstick as close to the hand as possible. Pull the dominant handstick down, keep pointing the subordinate stick upwards slightly so that the loop of string doesn't slip away from your hand towards the tip. Keep the dominant stick level as you pull it down towards the diabolo. Stop when the dominant handstick is resting against the string just above the axle.

Now move the subordinate hand forward & down so that the triangle of string that the diabolo is sitting in loops over the dominant handstick, again, make sure the length of string closest to the dominant side loops over the stick as close to your dominant hand as possible. Also be careful not to tip the stick inwards. Carry the subordinate stick out in front of the diabolo then back underneath so that the diabolo sits spinning in between the two handsticks in amongst a web of 4 triangles created by the string.

All you are doing is pedaling your arms forward like feet pedaling a bicycle so that the string winds itself around the sticks.

To exit do not tip the handsticks inwards like you do for the Cats Cradle because this will create a serious knot! Instead unwind the cradle by going through the steps in reverse. First unwrap the subordinate hand, then the dominant.