Unwrap & Recapture Half Turns

This trick is a very simple, but very effective variation of the basic Unwrap & Recapture.

Get your diabolo spinning then feed the string (raise one arm, lower the other) into one side of the diabolo ready to perform an Unwrap & Recapture. Before you do though, take one small step sideways away from the side that you fed the string into leaving the diabolo where it is.

Start the move by gently tugging your lower handstick sideways rather than upwards to hop the diabolo up & away from you. As you unwrap the string step forward with one foot & turn 90° to face the diabolo. Then as you recapture the diabolo either spin on the foot you stepped forward with or step backwards with the other to complete the half turn. You should finish facing the other way with the diabolo spinning in front of your shins & with the string uncrossed.

This is pretty obvious but I'm going to point it out anyway. After turning round the diabolo will be spinning the other way. So if you need to add some more spin or correct any tilting, use the opposite hand to the one you normally use.

Once you have done one half turn, you can perform another unwrap & recapture half turn with the same hand to return to the front & completing a full turn, or you can unwrap & recapture with the other hand to turn back the way you came. Practise all the possible combinations:

Another way out is to throw the diabolo over your head & do a half or one & a half pirouettes.