Cross & Follow

The Cross & Follow is the name of a symmetrical clubswinging move where you circle both clubs on both sides of the body in front of you. This pattern is one of the fundamental clubswinging patterns.

The first thing to know is how to hold the clubs. Take one hand, spread out your fingers & look at your palm. With your other hand take one club & place the knob at the bottom of the handle into the groove right at the bottom of your middle finger. If you start with your middle finger pointing straight up the handle, tilt the club towards your index finger. Curl your middle finger around the knob & place your index finger so that it runs up the club's handle. Finally place your thumb so that the tip rests on the handle & the knob of the club rests in the groove where your thumb joins the hand. With this grip the club is held in place from three sides: with the thumb, the forefinger & the knuckle of your middle finger. You can adjust the direction of a swing by pushing with one or a combination of two of those points.

DON'T GRIP TOO HARD in clubswinging (& pretty much everything else too) brute force is no substitute for control. Allow the club to swing freely in between your fingers.

Take both clubs, holding one in each hand as just described. Point one club straight up & one straight down (the comfortable way not the other way, otherwise you will find yourself a little overstretched a bit later on). Throughout the move the two clubs stay pointing in opposite directions. We're now going to take things a step at a time, there are six steps in total, three on one side then the mirror opposite on the other side. In each step both clubs move simultaneously round 180 degrees around a circle parallel to your line of vision.

Step 1. Swing the upward club forward & down over the top of your other arm & stop. Turn your wrist as you do so. Swing the downward club back & upwards underneath your other arm. Finish with both clubs pointing in the opposite direction to which they started & with your arms crossed at the wrists.

Step 2. Swing the downward club back & upwards so that it passes your opposite shoulder. Swing the upward club forward & down by bending the wrist backwards. Finish with your arms uncrossed. The arm holding the downward club will be twisted outwards, lean to that side a bit so that you don't over stretch yourself.

Step 3. Swing the upward club forwards & down, again turning your wrist as you do so. Swing the downward club backwards & up.

After these three steps you are half way through the pattern & you should find yourself in the mirror opposite position to that which you first started in. That is if you started with the club pointing up in you right hand it is now pointing down. From here go through the same three steps again. As you go through the sequence, count out, "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3..." Start off slow, pause between each step & think about what you've got to do next. After a little practise you'll know what comes next & you'll be able to start blending groups of three steps together. Again start off slowly & aim for smooth & continuous circles. Try to keep your wrists as close together as possible so that the clubs make neat & tidy circles.

If you find the bones in your wrists start to crunch, stop.